The Three Tenets of the American Credo:

  1. Political and economic rights which protect the dignity and freedom of the individual.
  2. Constitutional government designed to serve the people.
  3. Fundamental belief in God.
The American Credo

The American Credo

Right to worship God in one’s own way

Right to free speech and press

Right to peaceably assemble

Right to petition for redress of grievances

Right to privacy in our homes

Right of habeas corpus – no excessive bail

Right to trial by jury – innocent until proven guilty

Right to move about freely at home and abroad

Right to own property

Right to free elections and personal secret ballot

Right to work in callings and localities of our choice

Right to bargain with our employers and employees

Right to go into business, compete, and make a profit

Right to bargain for goods and services in a free market

Right to contract about our affairs

Right to the service of government as a protector and referee

Right to freedom from arbitrary government regulation and control

To personally understand and maintain the American way of life, to honor by his own exemplary conduct, and to pass this credo intact to succeeding generations is the responsibility of every true American.