National Youth Advisory Council

2017-2019 Members

Brianna Adan

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Brianna Adan is a senior at Pembroke Pines Charter High School. She plays an active role in her school’s community: dedicating time and hard work towards maintaining her GPA, leadership roles, community service, and (somehow) her social life! Brianna has a 5.2 GPA and will be graduating Summa Cum Laude this May. She also is going to be receiving the International Cambridge AICE Diploma, as well as possibly becoming an AP Scholar. Above all else, Brianna values having a positive impact on her classmates and school, which she deems her second home. She has been elected to serve on her Student Council Board, which she has upheld the office of Class President. This also holds true to the Student Government class that she has been apart of since her sophomore year. This year, Brianna serves as the Florida Association of Student Councils (FASC) Chair for her SGA Board because she was elected President of FASC District 6. Brianna is also actively involved in honor societies; she is corresponding secretary for her National Honor Society, liaison for National English Honor Society, as well as an active board member for Rho Kappa (Social Studies Honor Society). Striving for greatness, Brianna also has been a member of PPCHS’s Brain Brawl team for two years, as well as a part of Model United Nations for four years. She is now the Vice President. She is also the co president and co founder of her school’s Humane Society Club due to the hours on end that she spends volunteering at the Miami Dade Animal Services. Service is very important to Brianna, as she has well over 1000 hours that she spends organizing collection drives, environmental campaigns, taking care of animals, as well as interning whenever possible with Miramar City Hall or Broward Center of Performing Arts. Being apart of this council was a goal of Brianna’s after she attended FFVF’s Spirit of America trip last March. She was blown away by the experience, and she wanted to continue to promote civic involvement amongst her community. Of course, Brianna, or (as known by friends) Bree, loves to spend time with her family and friends whenever possible to decompress. She says going to the beach with the people she loves is by far her favorite thing to do. She also enjoys Victorian novels, crime documentaries, green tea, and political debates. Brianna plans to attend Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service next year to study International Politics with a concentration in international security. Eventually her end goal is to work counterterrorism with the FBI and keep this great nation safe.

John Boris

Miramar, FL

John Boris is 17 and a senior at Everglades High school, a Cambridge International School, where he partakes in a college preparatory program that opens doors to competitive post-secondary institutions, invites scholarship opportunities and adds prestige to all his future endeavors. He will be among his school’s first graduating class to have an innovative and accelerated method of academic study offered solely through the University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), a division of the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Aside from academics, John is also extremely active outside of the classroom and believes to have been blessed with the opportunity to live many lives through his extra curriculars and leadership programs. John has represented his home church as the Florida State Teen Talent 2015 Mixed Media Winner and became a state representative at the international competition. He has served as the Academic Liaison for his debate team and holds membership in National English Honor Society. John has also held part-time employment at Little Caesars Pizzeria. Currently, he is proud to be the President for his high school’s chapter of the Florida Future Educators of America club for two years in a row and serves as the newly elected Student Body Treasurer for his high school. John is honored to be a 2-year paid Intern at the Museum of Discovery and Science where he has completed an exclusive STEM dual enrollment course with Florida Atlantic University to develop a mobile device application that will improve the overall visitor experience at the Museum. John was also selected to participate in a Behavioral Neuroscience summer training two-week research project at Nova Southeastern University where he worked alongside professors and presented his research to graduate level students. While John is undecided in terms of career path, he is certain that it will involve his passion for helping others as well as taking an active role in his community and has been inspired by his trip to Freedoms Foundation to explore post-secondary education opportunities out of state.

John is excited about YAC for the ability to interact with other student leaders on a national level and brainstorm different projects and ideas that he can use to positively impact his community. He is also excited to represent Freedoms Foundation both locally and nationally as well as helping with social media outreach.

Desire Brown

San Diego, CA

Desire is currently a senior at San Diego High School of Science and Technology. She is a dedicated straight-A student and a natural leader at her school. Desire is currently Key Club President at her school, which is an international student-led community service organization. In addition, she is the Student Representative for the School Governance Team. Outside of school, she loves to do dance at her community recreation center, cooking for her family at home, and enjoying long hikes every once in a while. Desire decided to join the Youth Advisory Council after attending the Freedoms Foundation Spirit of America Youth Leadership Conference, in which she realized her qualities as a leader and the importance of being politically active in today’s society. She wants to help her peers become active citizens in order to make the best possible decisions for the nation. She also is known for always speaking up for what she believes in. Desire hopes to see more minorities and women being represented in politics for equity. Her dream school is the University of Southern California. She hopes to become a biologist one day and she can’t wait for the day in which she had her PhD. Desire’s biggest motivation in life is her younger sister because she is proud of what she accomplishes and she wants to be a great role model for her. As she gets older, she wants to continue to give back to the community through charity work and participating in various educational programs.

Anthony Bui

Santa Ana, CA

Anthony is currently a junior pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Troy High School. He is an Eagle Scout and President of the National Eagle Scout Association as well as a Vice President Support for Western Region Area 4 Venturing. Anthony has an interest in government, political science, and international relations. He has demonstrated this passion through placing at the national level for Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure in Future Business Leaders of America and learning about International Affairs and Security this past summer at Yale University. This upcoming year, he plans on competing in Global Business, Business Law, Transcultural Healthcare, and Medical Law and Ethics. Moreover, last year, he served on the international Team HBV Social Media Outreach Committee, where he translated interviews and information into Vietnamese to be posted onto an online newspaper. At school, he is an officer for Join Jade, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Financial Literacy and Marketing Expertise. Anthony hopes to major in international relations or law at Yale University or Georgetown University. Finally his interests include wake boarding , water skiing, sailing and backpacking. Anthony is most excited about getting the youth of America more involved in global politics and becoming more aware of the international world of politics.

Daniel Caroe

Las Cruces, NM

Daniel is a senior at Desert Springs Christian Academy in Las Cruces. He serves as the President of his student body, student leadership council, junior classical league, and was honored to be named a Las Cruces Mayor’s Top Teen. Daniel has also enjoyed working on various local, state, and federal elections throughout high school. In addition to his school work, Daniel also takes time to volunteer at his town’s El Caldito Soup Kitchen every Saturday, and many days after school, preparing food for the homeless. He also works to raise money to fund transitional housing for families living in tents as a part of his town’s Community of Hope “Tents to Rents” project. Daniel hopes to study international relations in college and one day run for public office.

Ciara Ford

Elberta, UT

Ciara is a senior at Payson High School in Utah and she plans to attend Southern Utah University next year to obtain her bachelors of science degree. After her time at Southern Utah , she hopes to go on to medical school to become a physician. Besides her interest in health care and the sciences , she also enjoys music. She released her first album (love ,17) in June of 2017. Ciara also has a passion for promoting and practicing responsible civic engagement, because she believes that the success of our country depends on the responsible involvement of all American citizens. Ciara is excited to meet new people, and help make America a better place by helping her generation see the importance of responsible civic engagement!

Damien Frombach

Schwenksville, PA

Damien is excited to join the team and make contributions to Freedoms Foundation. He is 18 and a senior at Souderton Area High School in Souderton, Pennsylvania. Upon graduation Damien aspires to serve the United States in the Army. Damien enjoys shooting sports, history, and leadership.

Damien is excited to be a part of YAC because he will be part of something bigger than himself and working with youth around the country.

Chenhao (Peter) Liu

Rocklin, CA

Peter is someone who absolutely loves to help people. He came to America as a Chinese Immigrant 6 years ago and with the help of his community around him, he blossomed into a successful academic scholar with a fabulous personality, and now he is looking to give back to his community to express his gratitude. His favorite hobbies includes video editing, participating in team orientated sports, and playing the piano in his spare time. Peter’s jokes are funny, most of the time, but he believes that there is nothing more important than putting a smile on the people around him. After being chosen as one of the members for the YAC, Peter believes that he and the rest of the members are going to have a fun two years together, planning activities that will benefit the communities as a whole.

Gabrielle (Gabby) Marz

Sandy, UT

Who’s spunky, loves AMERICA (!!!), puns, and unicorns? Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge Youth Advisory Council Member…GABBY MARZ!

Gabby is 17 years old and a resident of the sweet state of Utah. She enjoys wake boarding, planning events, speed walking, and fashion!
Gabby has always been enthralled with leadership, involvement, and service. Starting in Elementary School, Gabby served on student council, gaining a deep appreciation for leadership. This trend continued in Middle School as she served as 8th Grade Vice President, Youth Group President, and National Junior Honor Society President. During High School, Gabby participated as Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, Stake Youth Council Member, Junior Class President, a member of Canyons School District Student Advisory Council, Student Body Officer as Service Vice, Sandy Youth City Council Member, and the America’s Advocates Founder and President. A rejection to apathy is Gabby’s favorite aspect of FFVF’s message and the one she tries and strives to live each day.

Gabby plans to attend University, studying Political Science, with an emphasis in Public Administration. She plans to run for local, state, and/or national government. In such pursuits she hopes to better the community and help those around her.

As a member of YAC, Gabby is committed to collaborating in a positive manner with her fellow council members. Additionally, she plans to spread FFVF’s message and serve those in her community and those in the nation as a member of YAC. God bless America!

Bowen Perry

Alamogordo, NM

Bowen is a student at Alamogordo High School, in Alamogordo, New Mexico. He is very involved with his community and school through participating in a number of extracurriculars and community engagement activities to include: Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, where he is the commander of the Unit’s Kitty Hawk Air Society, Public Affairs Group, and the Aerospace Studies Team. He also is the Treasurer to Alamogordo High’s Executive Student Council, is the President of his class, and is active in his school’s Athletic Training Program. Bowen takes all Honors, and AP classes, where he is currently also seeking his Associate Degree, through dual enrollment, with his local university. Bowen sits as the New Mexico representative for D.A.R.E America, and is also in his county’s Junior Leadership program.

Bowen’s passions include going out to his local airport every Saturday where he receives flight training, and is working towards his Private Pilot’s Licence. Bowen shares a passion with Freedoms Foundation to share and spread knowledge of American rights and responsibilities, honoring acts of civic virtue, and challenging all to reject apathy and getting involved, through education and experience offered to the youth of America.

Bo is so excited to collaborate and get to know his fellow YAC members, and get to work on the duties assigned to this position. Most of all, he is excited to “represent,” the Southwest region of the United States, in a sense, to FFVF’s programs offered, and share the amazing opportunities the Foundation has to offer.

Miki Reynolds

Cary, NC

Miki Reynolds is a high school junior living in North Carolina. She is a member of student council, civil air patrol, a masonic youth group (International Order of the Rainbow for Girls), and the National Technical and National Scholars Honors Societies. She is able to speak English, Spanish, and Chinese. In her free time, Miki enjoys participating in cheerleading, softball and golf and volunteering with her youth group. She is also working on obtaining her pilot’s licence and becoming a master scuba diver. Miki is most excited about being able to contribute and help grow a program that she really enjoyed being able to be a part of.

Derek Stewart

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Derek Stewart is a second year college student at Tallahassee Community College pursuing a degree in accounting. He has been extremely motivated since his high school experiences at Deerfield Beach High School. When in high school he was extremely involved in JROTC and Key Club. He continues to pursue his passion of encouraging others to serve their community by remaining involved with community service through Circle K International. At Tallahassee Community College he serves as the Club President. Derek’s passion for serving others does not stop there for he plans to continue to serve our nation following the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree at Florida State University. This will be his second term serving on the Youth Advisory Council and he is excited to help mentor and guide the new members.