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Educators get up close

and personal with Vietnam War

This article appeared in The Pueblo Chieftain on June 24, 2019.


Retired Air Force Gen. Paul Maye at the Center for American Values.

By Jon Pompia

As solid of mind and body as ever, Paul Maye stepped before the gallery in his beloved Air Force dress blues.

“Wearing this uniform kind of shows my rebellious side,” said Maye, 83, a retired Air Force general and highly decorated combat pilot. “When we came back from Vietnam — you’ve heard about the treatment of the kids, spit on, called ‘baby killers,’ all that — officially, we were told at the Pentagon, ‘Do not wear your uniform. You might upset some people.’

“I was told that and lectured about it. Well, about the third time they quit, because I just gave them a steely eyed stare and walked away. And I continue to wear the uniform to this day.”

The epitome of a patriot and a warrior, Maye shared his service experience and personal opinions of the war with more than 30 educators from throughout the country Monday at the Center for American Values.

This week, the center is hosting a Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge symposium dedicated solely to the Vietnam War.

Through lectures and discussions with top historians, scholars and veterans like Maye, the teachers are receiving valuable insight into this country’s most misunderstood and divisive war; information they will use to improve the educational experience for their students back home.

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