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Are Civics Lessons a Constitutional Right?


The Nov. 28 New York Times carried a story with the headline “Are Civics Lessons a Constitutional Right? This Student Is Suing for Them.”

The article by Dana Goldstein begins:

Aleita Cook (New York Times photo by Tony Luong)

Aleita Cook, 17, has never taken a class in government, civics or economics. In the two social studies classes she took in her four years at a technical high school in Providence, R.I. — one in American history, the other in world history — she learned mostly about wars, she said.

Left unanswered were many practical questions she had about modern citizenship, from how to vote to “what the point of taxes are.” As for politics, she said, “What is a Democrat, a Republican, an independent? Those things I had to figure out myself.”

Now she and other Rhode Island public school students and parents are filing a federal lawsuit against the state on Thursday, arguing that failing to prepare children for citizenship violates their rights under the United States Constitution.

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