2017 Distinguished Citizen Award

Freedoms Foundation was proud to present Robert and Penny Fox as Freedoms Foundation’s 2017 Distinguished Citizen Award Recipients. Entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Bob and Penny exemplify the five pillars of responsible citizenship – respect, accountability, generosity, participation, and productivity. Mr. & Mrs. Fox endowed the Fox Leadership Program at The University of Pennsylvania.

The Foxes endowed the Robert and Penny Fox Historical Costume Collection at Drexel University. Mr. Fox also serves on the Board of Managers of the Wistar Institute and is an emeritus trustee of the University of Pennsylvania.

Robert Fox is the Chairman and CEO of R.A.F. Industries Inc and Penny Fox is an Emeritus Trustee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Pennsylvania Ballet, and Chair Emerita of the Moore College of Art and Design.

Captain Thomas Kelley spoke on behalf of all the Medal of Honor Recipients about the need for good teachers and the difference they can make in the lives of their students by helping to form their character and help them to become citizens committed to our democracy. He praised the partnership between Freedoms Foundation and the Medal of Honor Society and Foundation whose Character Development Program is central to many of our professional development programs for teachers.

Will Ellery of Indiana spoke passionately on behalf of his fellow teachers in support of high quality professional development programs that benefit both teachers and their students. He attended our program in 2016 and was the VFW Smart/ Maher National Teacher of the Year for the 2015-2016 school year.