Greg Donnellan

Greg Donnellan currently serves as the Director of the Middle School (grades 7-8) at Lawrence School in Sagamore Hills, Ohio. Lawrence is one of only three schools in Ohio that exclusively serves K-12 students with learning differences.

In addition to his administrative duties, Greg serves as the Program Director of the Young Entrepreneurship Experience, an annual hands-on and experiential program for all middle school students, and advisor to the Entrepreneurship Club (grades 7-12). It’s through the Young Entrepreneurship Experience that Greg is being honored with the Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education.

Greg realized that there were no evidence-based entrepreneurship curricula that would meet the needs of his students at the Lawrence School.  So he went about creating one.  The result was the Middle School Entrepreneurship Program which gave his students an entrepreneurship experience that took into account their individual learning needs and styles. The program is highlighted by a 3 day “Middle School Entrepreneurship Fair” where the 7th and 8th grade students design, market and share their own products and business ideas.

With his background in music education and the performing arts, Greg appreciates the opportunity to create a platform to facilitate students’ creativity, divergent thinking, and tenacity. His passion for entrepreneurship stems from an interest in economics and providing students opportunities to apply the skills of school in the realm of real life. Lawrence School’s entrepreneurship program was guided and supported by the school administration, Board of Trustees, and in partnership with the Burton D. Morgan Foundation (Hudson, Ohio). Lawrence School’s Young Entrepreneur Experience benefited greatly from the strong youth entrepreneurship ecosystem in Northeast Ohio, driven by the Young Entrepreneur Institute.