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Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge is pleased to publish this first edition of Teaching Enterprise: Journal of the Leavey Awards for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education.

Since 1977, the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation and Freedoms Foundation have honored outstanding educators who passionately and creatively teach students about entrepreneurship and the free enterprise system. In that time, over $4 million has been awarded to the more than 600 teachers who have been recognized for their innovative classroom projects.

Over the years, Freedoms Foundation has sought ways to promote the wisdom of Leavey Award winners. Starting in 2018, the Foundation began offering accredited, graduate-level business programs for teachers, and an important component of these courses is having Leavey recipients share the challenges and successes of their initiatives. Teachers from around the country participated last summer, and an equally diverse group is enrolled for this year’s class, Innovative Entrepreneurs, Dynamic Economy.

“We have been recognizing teachers who bring passion and creativity to their classrooms for more than 40 years,” said David Harmer, President and CEO of Freedoms Foundation.  “Connecting these teachers with other educators who share that passion is a logical step for us to take in furthering our professional development programs.”

Teaching Enterprise builds on the momentum of our summer courses. In this edition, teachers representing three projects recognized with Leavey Awards in 2018 detail their efforts, from the initial ideas to the all-important grant writing, from motivating students to ensuring parental and administrative support. They also talk about impact, on their schools and the community at large. Also in this issue is an essay by Jeffrey Babin, of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, on teaching entrepreneurship.

The Leavey Awards are critical to promoting the virtues of free enterprise and entrepreneurship in our nation’s schools. Freedoms Foundation is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Leavey Foundation in this mission and pledges to remain a good steward of this important work.

Eugene J. Halus Jr., Ph.D., is Vice President of Education at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.