The chapter committees are divided into five groups, each headed by a member of the Executive Committee:

Student Leadership Programs Group             Emily  Matthews                        

  • SOA Program: Sowmya Gudapati, student director; Cinda Wade, adviser; 
  • Student Council: Isabelle Hanson, student director; Carrie Motley, adviser;                                
  • Freedoms Foundation Service Clubs: Ian Matthews, student director; Rebecca Hanson, adviser;

Education Group                 Larry Brasher

  • American Heritage Festival: 
  • Constitutional Scholarship: David Ziebert, Larry Brasher, adviser; Jim Falls, Ian Matthews, Andrew Caric0
    • Mock Article V Convention of States – Ian Matthews, Convention President; Claire Francois, Convention Secretary
    • Constitution Bowl
  • Essay Contest: Claire Francois, student director; Rebecca Hanson

Community Outreach Group       Pam  Fronk                             

  • Awards Programs Committee: Sowmya Gudapati, student director; Pam Fronk, adviser;
  • Community & Government Relations: Joy Malak; Phil Escamilla; Craig Anderson;    
  • School Relations: 

Advertising & Promotion Group                   Gary McFadyen   

  • Newsletter Committee: Joy Malak & David Zeibert, co – editors; Gary McFadyen, adviser; Sowmya Gudapati, Sidney Fife, Emilie Harris
  • Publicity Committee: Jonathan Munguia; Gary McFadyen, adviser                          
  • Website Maintenance Committee: Sean Jensen; Larry Brasher

Ways & Means Group                            Reed  Matthews        

  • Golf Tournament:  Gary Johnson, Reed Matthews,                                       
  • Fundraising: Mayar Amin; Larry Brasher, adviser; Naomi Harper, Grant Writer,  
  • Membership: