Mock Article V Convention of States

Thursday, Nov. 12, 6:00 pm

Venue changed to John Adams Academy Roseville Campus

A Mock Article V Convention of States will be held on Nov. 12, 2020 at the Jefferson Building on John Adams Academy – Roseville, One Sierra Gate Plaza.  This event is being produced by the Sacramento Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge and the William Jessup University Public Policy Department and is sponsored by the James B. McClatchy Foundation.

The Mock Article V Convention is open to high school students in the Sacramento Area.  Each school may send a delegation consisting of 4-8 students and a faculty adviser.  At the Convention each High School Delegation will present and defend its own proposed amendment to the United States Constitution.  The Convention will hold a vote to approve or disapprove each proposed amendment.

Cash Prizes for the winning schools!

1st place $1000

2nd place $ 750

3rd place $ 500

Registered Teams




Proposed Amendment

Rocklin High School

Pilar Padilla

Cesar Aguirre

Self-Rule for the District of Columbia

Whitney High School

Leah Seabrook

Alexandra Leman

Prohibition of Criminal Servitude

Inspire – Love of Learning

Angie Gardner

Samuel Hendrickson

Ranked-Choice Voting in Federal Elections

John Adams Academy

Miles Mathews

Clair Francois & James Rodda

Education Rights Amendment

Lincoln High School

Mark Freestone

Julia Westover

Proportional Allocation of Electoral College Votes

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What is the format for the Mock Convention of States?

Each participating high school will form a team of  students and a faculty advisor.  Any student may participate on his/her school’s team during the preparation for the event.  Each team will draft a Proposed Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and a Statement of Need to be presented at the Mock Article V Convention.  Each team and faculty advisor will select five students to send as their delegation to the Mock Article V Convention of States on Nov. 12.  Other team members are encouraged to attend and participate as observers.

At the event each delegation will have 5 minutes to present it’s proposed amendment and another 10 minutes to respond to questions or arguments against their amendment proposed by the other delegations.  At the conclusion of the discussion period the amendment will be voted up or down.

The following check points are designed to help each school’s team to stay on track in the preparation of their Proposed Amendment and Statement of Need.

  • On or before September 14 each delegation shall submit a proposed amendment topic.  Each topic must be unique from those of other schools.
  • September 28 – An outline or first draft of the proposed amendment should be submitted for review.  Freedoms Foundation staff will review and make re recommendations for additional research or changes to improve your amendment.
  • October 12 – Submit draft of your Proposed Amendment (250 word limit) and Statement of Need (500 word limit).
  • October 26 – Submit your finished copy of the Proposed Amendment and Statement of Need.  This is a HARD DEADLINE.  These documents will be posted on the website for review by all participants and will also be printed in the program to be distributed on the night of the event.
  • Additional presentation materials (optional) – During the presentation and discussion of an proposed amendment a large screen projection of the amendment will be projected.  Each delegation may submit additional information to be displayed.  This MUST be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation and MUST be submitted by November 9 in order to included.
  • Judging and Presentation of Awards – A panel of five judges will score each delegation on the following elements:
    • Draftsmanship of the Proposed Amendment and Statement of Need
    • Reasoning presented in support and defense of the Proposed Amendment, as outlined in the Statement of Need and the discussion of the amendmentd.
    • Participation in the discussion of other proposed amendments
    • Level of participation of all members of the delegation.

Guidelines for proposed amendments.

The proposed amendment may apply to any part of the Constitution. It may cover only a single topic, but may contain different related provisions in order to be complete and unambiguous.

The proposed amendment should be concise and unambiguous.

The proposed amendment is limited to 250 words.

Guidelines for Statement of Need

The Statement of Need should address the reason the amendment is necessary and outline arguments in favor of its adoption, as well as rebut anticipated arguments against it.  The statement of need is limited to 500 words.


What is an Article V Convention of States?

An Article V Convention or Convention of States is one of two ways provided in Article V of the US Constitution by which amendments can be proposed.  Article V states:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments…”

While all of the present amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by the first method – passing both houses of Congress by two-thirds – there have been several attempts to call an Article V Convention.  So far none have succeeded, but there are two or three current attempts that have some momentum.

Learn more about Article V Conventions HERE

Watch this online forum!

“The U. S. Constitution and the Article V Amendment Process”

This 45 minute presentation featuring Dr. Darren Guerra from Biola University and Dr. Andrew Carico from William Jessup University, as well as students from WJU and local high schools is produced by the William Jessup University Public Policy Department and Sacramento Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  It will be made available to schools throughout the Sacramento Area.

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