50th Annual National Chapters & Partners Conference

50 Years of Patriotic Volunteerism

September 13 – 16, 2018

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For the first time in its 50-year history, we will bring our volunteer chapters and partner organizations together for a memorable national conference.  Join us as we celebrate five decades of patriotic volunteerism and the tireless efforts that go into promoting our mission to educate, honor, and challenge.


49th Annual Volunteer Chapter Conference

We Power of “We”!
Lead. Inspire. Celebrate.

Thank you for a successful Chapter Conference

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Conference Workshops:

Workshop 1
Your WHY – Developing a Volunteer Chapter Mission and Messaging 

What does our mission to educate, honor, and challenge mean to you?  During this interactive workshop, chapter members and staff will discuss how the mission is interpreted, presented, and put into action.  Together, we will develop a mission statement for the volunteer chapters that will encompass both the work each chapter does as well as the passion all of our volunteers have.

Workshop 2
Mock Event Planning

Venues, invites, sponsorships, program schedules, Oh my! Do the words “event” or “fundraiser” scare you?  Does your chapter already have a great awards ceremony held annually?  Throughout this 90 minute workshop, we will act as one chapter and go through the process of putting an event together from planning the date, asking for event sponsorship help, and developing a program that includes scripts and agendas.

Workshop 3
Roundtable Discussion

Wrap up the day with chapter members and staff having open discussions in breakout groups to share ideas, questions, and inspirations.

Workshop 4
Grad Program impact

Step into the classroom and see how alumni of our Graduate Teacher Programs have incorporated what they’ve learned into their curriculum and teaching methods.  Here about the success of our teacher seminars and workshops and about being offered in 2018.

Workshop 5
History of Volunteerism in America

Volunteerism in America is alive a well.  Learn more about the how we as Americans have donated our time and energy throughout the generations and see the impact volunteerism has had through our history.

Workshop 6
The Big Reveal!

See the brand NEW Chapters websites!

Workshop 7
National Board of Directors Roundtable 

Meet and talk with National Board Chairman, Wally Nunn, and Vice Chairman, Chris Rothey.

Workshop 8
Effective Communications – What Works and What Doesn’t?

E-vite, social media, email lists, formal invitations, flyers, phones calls, personal visits.  The ways we communicate today are continuously evolving.  This collaborative workshop will begin in groups sharing what has and hasn’t worked in the past.  We will focus on four topics: student recruitment, membership recruitment, sponsorship and donor relations, and event planning.  Please bring different forms of communications used in the past both the effective and ineffective.

Workshop 9
Roundtable Discussion

Wrap up the day and Conference with a second round of open discussions in breakout groups and as a whole to share ideas, questions, and inspirations.