Posted Friday May 01, 2020 by ffvfadmin

Common Ground on Civics Education Matters – Now More Than Ever

By Frederick M. Hess and Matthew Rice

The recently posted an opinion piece on civic education and why teaching civics in the classroom is vital now more than ever to help students understand that the left and right can find common ground, something that Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge has been on the forefront of for years.

The article reads in part… “It can seem as if right and left can’t agree on anything. Yet, it’s worth remembering that the heated barbs populating social media aren’t representative of the nation as a whole. Indeed, most Americans — on left and right alike — hold less extreme views than their opponents imagine. It turns out that when we sit down across from one another, there’s more room for agreement…”

Frederick M. Hess is director of education policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute. Matthew Rice is a research assistant at AEI

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