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D-Day anniversary: Be grateful for these heroes.

Pray for the strength to follow their example


The Fox News opinion page published this essay produced by Freedoms Foundation on the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

Walter Ehlers

Walter Ehlers remembered waving goodbye to his brother Roland as they prepared to board different transports in Southampton, England on June 4, 1944. The Kansas farm boys had fought side by side in North Africa and Sicily. Now, in different units, they promised to meet on the beach in France.

Two days later, on June 6 – exactly 75 years ago – Walter was part of the vast armada crossing the English Channel on D-Day.

“When we got near the beaches, battleships and cruisers were firing toward shore,” Walter added. “We could hear bombs exploding in the distance. There was such firepower from the ships and planes that we didn’t expect much resistance on the beach.

They were wrong. Among 160,000 Allied troops, there were 10,000 casualties that first day, including 4,000 killed in action.

Thirteen soldiers, including Walter Ehlers, were awarded the Medal of Honor for acts of valor on D-Day and in the weeks that followed. Only four of them survived the war. They would be the first to say they were not alone in going above and beyond the call of duty. But their stories reflect the courage, endurance and sacrifice that typified the Greatest Generation.

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