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Family’s service and commitment
has made him patriotic


Joe Becton, of Philadelphia, who often serves as a tour guide for student groups at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, was interviewed as part of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s July Fourth feature “Philadelphians share their stories of patriotism for Fourth of July.”

“I think that my patriotism stems from my family. I am an African American. I have a relative who fought in the American Revolution, Isaac Carter. I have a relative who fought in the Civil War, Moses Becton. World War I, my grandfather Julius Becton. World War II, my father and my uncle, Julius and Joe Becton. My relatives have served in Desert Storm and places like that. Myself, I was in the Marines during the Vietnam War. So for me, there is more of a service and commitment in my family more than a history that has made me patriotic. So because of their actions, I served in the Marines. I didn’t have go to Vietnam, but I was willing to do whatever I had to do based on my service, based on my personal patriotism.”

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