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Awards Programs

Since 1949, Freedoms Foundation National Awards have recognized responsible citizens with our George Washington Honor Medal. More than 57,000 citizens have received this honor as exemplars of responsible citizenship whose daily actions embody our Bill of Responsibilities.

The Leavey Awards have been presented since 1977, honoring teachers for Excellent in Private Enterprise Education. Over 600 teachers have received the Award, which includes $7,500, totally nearly $4,000,000 over the decades.

Local Hero Award

The Local Hero Award provides chapters the opportunity to honor local community people who have done something heroic and have received little to no recognition; an unsung hero.

Award Criteria:

  • Local community member(s) who performed extraordinarily well in a difficult situation (i.e. uncovered corruption happening with the local little league and reported it to higher authorities, saving their neighbor from a house fire, someone who reported something suspicious thereby savings lives, etc.. )
  • This unselfish heroic act(s) was performed in the last year.

Nomination Process:

  • Any Chapter member can nominate a local community member(s) who fit the criteria
  • The Chapter’s Board of Directors will create a committee to oversee and review the nominations to ensure they fit the criteria stated above.
  • Deadline for Nominations to be determined by each individual chapter. Please keep in mind providing enough time for recipients to make plans to attend the ceremony in February.


Form of Recognition:

Each awardee will receive a special Freedoms Foundation certificate of recognition from Headquarters.  Each chapter can then individually choose a form of recognition to present to their hero as well.

This program is to be combined with the National Award (George Washington Honor Medal) presentations at the chapter’s Annual Freedoms Foundation Awards ceremony.