Jason L. S. Raia, COO of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, penned an article for the American Bar Association’s Judges Journal magazine’s 2023 Spring publication. Jason’s piece, “Challenges for Civic Education in the 21st Century”, focuses on the importance of civic education and how it produces informed, active, and responsible citizens.

“It is a fraught and complicated time in America, but our democratic republic is more resilient than many people might think. As we approach the 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 2026, it is an opportune time for civic renewal. It will require all freedom-loving individuals to work together, regardless of our political proclivities, to make a personal commitment to sharing our knowledge, skills, and dispositions with those young people who will carry them into the next century.
Every American is called to be a civic educator, to pass on the principles of freedom to which the founders aspired. Every parent is a civic educator, and so is every church leader. Those who are trained in law and have an insider’s knowledge of our founding documents, then, have a duty to be a civic educator and make a difference.” Jason L. S. Raia

Read the full article here.

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