Holding fundraisers to cover or offset the cost of participating and traveling to History Encounters are great ways to increase the likelihood of getting trip approvals. It also gets your community involved in supporting civics education and engaged citizenship. Our Getting to “Go”! document provides a list of ideas to consider as you plan how to fund your trip. You can view the ideas below or download this document by clicking on the graphic to the right.

(Note: Freedoms Foundation does not endorse or warrant any of the suggestions provided or products mentioned.)

Getting to “Go” Through Fundraising



A Donations Squared approach takes the total amount needed to cover the costs of your trip and uses the square root (a number that produces a specified quantity when multiplied by itself) to create your Donations Squared campaign. For example, if the cost of your travel, plus the cost of your History Encounters fees equaled $900, your campaign would entail reaching out to 30 people and asking them to give $30.00 to fund your trip. Likewise, if you needed $1600, you would try to get $40 from 40 people.



CrowdFunding can be a highly successful form of raising funds that has taken off in recent years. Fund raisers use any of the sites offered online as a means for donators to commit to a certain amount of monetary support. The sites usually have a transaction mechanism that can charge a credit card so that the donations are immediately added to your account.



  1. Company Matching Fund
  2. Employee Matching Fund
  3. Scholarship Award



  1. Checkout charity
  2. Donation jar
  3. Coupon books
  4. Silent Auction donations
  5. Unbaked pizzas to sell
  6. Professional make-up before prom
  7. Cook book with recipes from local restaurants



  1. Food sales (i.e., Popcorn sale, pizza, baked goods)
  2. Product sales (i.e., American flags, Yankee Candles, magazines, used books), Rada Cutlery)
  3. Create Patriotic T-Shirts
  4. Coffee / tea / hot chocolate during holiday shopping
  5. Holiday items (poinsettias, wreathes, pine roping, candles, wrapping paper)
  6. Create Christmas decorations and sell
  7. Create a ringtone and sell on iTunes
  8. Create graphics for social media and sell
  9. Create a fun backdrop and sell selfie opportunities at a school function
  10. Plant herbs and flowers from seeds and sell after they’ve grown
  11. Participate in a local flea market
  12. Raise produce / plants from seeds and sell
  13. Principal for the day



  1. Car washes
  2. Snow shoveling
  3. Leaf raking
  4. Pool cleaning
  5. Curb painting
  6. Remove/recycle Christmas trees
  7. Wash windows
  8. Produce picking from local farms
  9. Tutoring



  1. Rummage sale
  2. Potluck
  3. Rally night
  4. Dance-at-thon / Bike-a-thon / Walk-a-thon /
  5. 5K Run
  6. Talent Show
  7. Holiday Bazaar
  8. Gym Night / Family movie night at school (games, raffles, food)
  9. Raffles at school sporting events
  10. Battle of the Bands
  11. Tea party for elementary girls and their dolls
  12. Costume party