• Scholarships are available for nearly every teacher accepted into the programs thanks to generous donations from our sponsors.
  • On-campus scholarships are valued at $1,400 per teacher.
  • Traveling workshop program scholarships are valued at $1,550 per teacher.
  • Travel stipends also are available to eligible teachers.


Program Information:

  • Tuition covers accommodations, on-site meals, admissions, instruction, tour transportation, airport shuttle (if applicable) and one graduate credit (see Accreditation).
  • Teachers who receive scholarships are expected to make a $150 refundable deposit to hold their registration. Refunds are awarded after the program has been successfully completed.


  • Each program includes one graduate credit hour, which is granted by La Salle University in Pennsylvania. Enrolled students who wish to earn another two credits (3 total credits) must pay $150 for each additional credit at the beginning of the program.

For more information, contact our Education Department at (610) 933-8825 ext. 230 or

Freedoms Foundation reserves the right to vary program content, accrediting institutions or sites as necessary, or cancel any course with 30 days advance notice.

Innovative Entrepreneurs,

Dynamic Economy


July 14 – 19, 2019

Academic Director:
Dr. Meghan Pierce

LaSalle University
Location: Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

This unique seminar provides participants with hands-on entrepreneurial ideas and concepts that can be replicated in their classrooms, schools and communities. This year’s emphasis will be on entrepreneurship and small business, which makes up 80 percent of the United States’ workforce. During this program, participants will hear from previous Leavey Awards winners about how their students created, initiated and sustained business opportunities as a part of their learning experience. Teachers will also have an opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs and understand how their education influenced their successes.

The following video and testimonial come from one of the 2018 participants who put strategies to work in her classroom and has seen the benefits to her students.


“I just want to let you and the rest of Freedoms Foundation know what I did with the knowledge I learned from attending Entrepreneurship and American History (2018). When I returned home, I planned out the beginning of Angell Elementary Entrepreneurs … The children sold their bath bombs during conferences and made almost $400! … I just wanted to let everyone at FF know they changed the lives of children at Angell Elementary. There are mini start-up businesses popping up all over the 5th grade! One student designs T-shirts that say TEAM (teacher’s name). Students all over the building are wearing them! Another student is opening a pet-sitting business. Several other students formed a lawn care business. It is really a beautiful thing to witness.”

Program features include:

  • Tour local successful businesses to examine entrepreneurship
  • Defining basic economic principles
  • Comparing free enterprise capitalism to other economic systems
  • Discussing the roles of entrepreneurship as they apply to small business
  • Interacting with a panel of successful business owners who started with an idea that became a reality
  • Investigating the necessary role of character and ethical decision-making in business
  • Examining case studies of entrepreneurs from American history
  • Participating in the Leavey Summit to hear from the 2019 Leavey Awards recipients
  • Five days of scholarly lectures and pedagogical discussions
  • Networking with teachers from across the country


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