Joshua Chamberlain League

Membership in the Joshua Chamberlain League is open exclusively to Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge teacher alumni who have participated in a graduate seminar or workshop sponsored by the Foundation. The support of League members provides scholarships for teachers who wish to attend summer graduate-level professional development at Freedoms Foundation.

Joshua Chamberlain

Joshua Chamberlain — soldier, scholar, statesman — was an icon of civic responsibility, the very embodiment of the ideals Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge strives to inspire. As a professor at Bowdoin College in Maine, Chamberlain volunteered with the 20th Maine Infantry Regiment as the Civil War began, accepting an appointment as lieutenant colonel.

At the Battle of Gettysburg, Chamberlain became a national hero when, his unit out of ammunition, he ordered a bayonet charge that saved the Union’s left flank at Little Round Top. His actions that day earned him the Medal of Honor. As commander of the troops designated to receive the surrender of the arms of Robert E. Lee’s army, Chamberlain ordered his men to salute their fellow Americans.

After the war, Chamberlain went home to Maine, where he served four terms as governor before returning to the classroom. He later served as president of Bowdoin, helped found an institution for the blind, and wrote his memoirs. At age 70, he volunteered to return to military service in the Spanish-American War.

Throughout his professional life, Chamberlain demonstrated the civic virtues Freedoms Foundation holds dear — accountability, respect, generosity, participation and productivity.

League membership, for just $3 a month, not only allows alumni teachers to pay it forward so other teachers can participate in Freedoms Foundation programs, but also offers members

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  • Access to an archive of recorded lectures by speakers at Freedoms Foundation.
  • The chance to make a difference in the lives of America’s youth and their teachers throughout the country.

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