What teachers are saying about our programs …


“Not only have my colleagues and I benefitted from your generosity, but my students will have their lives enriched and gain a better understanding of the responsibilities a citizen of the United States has towards both country and community.” 

— Daniel G. of Washington, D.C., 2018 participant of Heroes and Heroines program

“I return to the classroom with a renewed sense of urgency and responsibility of assuring future generations never forget the sacrifices those who came before (us) made in the name of the very freedoms they enjoy.”

— Ilyssa G. of North Carolina, a 2018 participant of the Medal of Honor Legacy: World War II program

“The examining of major events in U.S. History related to the War on Terror greatly enhanced my knowledge, and the seminar illustrated the sacrifice of individuals like the Medal of Honor Recipients who have given everything so we may be free.”

— Richard V. of California, 2018 participant of the Medal of Honor: War on Terror program

“Walking the Edmund Pettus’ bridge, learning the meaning of the symbolism of the lynching memorial at the Museum for Peace and Justice, and getting a tour of the Civil Rights Institute from a local 15-year-old are experiences I would never had without the generosity of Freedoms Foundation.”

— Lynette W. of Kansas, 2018 participant of the Civil Rights program

“I love history and teach it every day. My students are able to see my excitement and it does rub off. Because of people like you I am able to bring back great ideas, resources, pictures and even more excitement.”

— Todd P. of Nebraska, 2018 participant of the American Revolution North program