Our Mission

The unity that once strengthened and guided America is in danger. Disagreements over issues and politics have become profound. Young Americans are caught in the fray of angry divisions. Civil discourse and lively debates are now challenged by soundbite-sized talking points packaged in news tickers and social media feeds. 

When we recognize what we share in common and work through our differences with civility,  we can preserve and advance freedoms for all. Our future leaders are seeking direction, and it is only by inspiring them to look back on our country’s founding principles that we may point them to a way forward through the mire of our current public discourse.

Mission Statement

We educate students and teachers about the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, inspiring them to preserve and advance our freedoms.


Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge envisions an America where the rising generation loves their country and understands, values, and defends its founding ideals.

A More Perfect Union

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Our History

Since 1949, Freedoms Foundation has sought to preserve American patriotism and recognize civic duty through a prestigious National Awards program. Led by original co-founders Kenneth D. Wells, Don Belding, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, and E.F. Hutton, the team settled on historic Valley Forge as the Foundation’s home.

The organization expanded its mission in 1965 to provide high-quality history and civic education opportunities for students and educators to emphasize the individual freedoms cherished by citizens of the United States. These programs focus on understanding the U.S. political, social, and economic system and the responsibilities of good citizenship.

In anticipation of the bicentennial of the United States Constitution, Freedoms Foundation created the Bill of Responsibilities. Written as a compliment to the Bill of Rights, the Bill of Responsibilities identifies and fosters good citizenship and active involvement to preserve and advance freedom.

The Bill of Responsibilities is the heart of Freedoms Foundation’s education programs and continues to provide inspiration to students and teachers on the importance of responsible, engaged, and informed citizenship.

Freedoms Foundation has continued to fulfill its mission as a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian educational organization that promotes individual responsibility, rejects apathy, and inspires leadership.

Today, dozens of chapters, many partner organizations, and thousands of participants support Freedoms Foundation’s mission and vision. 

Guiding Documents

Bill of Responsibilities 

The Bill of Responsibilities, an integral component of Freedoms Foundation’s educational programs, outlines and defines everything expected of an upstanding and engaged citizen of the United States. It echoes the Bill of Rights, and each responsibility correlates directly to one of the inalienable rights we all hold dear; when we uphold these responsibilities, we do our part to maintain the balanced order of our great nation.

American Credo

The American Credo is Freedoms Foundation’s original founding document, created by co-founders Kenneth D. Wells and Don Belding, and serves as an encapsulation of American rights and values.

Printing Press

Stay updated on happenings and news relevant to Freedoms Foundation, its mission, and its impact on students and teachers. Readers will find information about Freedoms Foundation’s numerous chapters, partners, participants, donors, supporters, and appearances in the media.

Group shot of adults posing under an American flag handing from a ceiling inside a building.

Our Team

Through the years, the mantle of leadership of Freedoms Foundation has been held by exceptional people, including co- founder President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Our team today is comprised of CEO David Harmer, COO Jason L.S. Raia, and devoted staff. All are equally dedicated to the mission and vision of Freedoms Foundation, and are enthusiastic ambassadors championing the urgent cause of preserving our founding ideals.

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