Volunteer Chapter Liason

Louise Savarese
Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge
P.O. Box 67 1601
Valley Forge Road
Valley Forge, PA 19481-0067

Phone (610) 933-8825, Ext. 231
Fax (610) 935-0522
Email: lsavarese@FFVF.org

About Our Chapters

What is a Freedoms Foundation Volunteer Chapter?

The Freedoms Foundation Volunteer Chapters are comprised of dedicated volunteers from around the country who want to help bring the message of engaged and responsible citizenship to schools and communities across America. Starting with the first chapters in Los Angeles, California, Orange County, California, and the Delaware Valley Chapter in the Valley Forge area in the early 1960s, our volunteer chapters are the single most important outreach program of the Foundation. They are our local voice, broadcasting the mission and work in communities across the country. Each chapter works to promote the mission of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge with civic initiatives and activities that include:

  • Recognizing local leaders through the Freedoms Foundation’s National Awards program
  • Leading special events on national holidays
  • Sponsoring educational programs and lectures for students and communities
  • Organizing fundraising events and initiatives to provide scholarships for students and teachers to attend educational programs at Freedoms Foundation’s national campus