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Thousands of students from across the country have obtained a greater understanding and appreciation of American history and civic responsibility through Freedoms Foundation’s many programs.

Learn about democracy, the judiciary, the political process, the founding documents, and the free enterprise system through innovative workshops and historical site visits that allow you to encounter our nation’s past, present, and future. During your residential stay, you will also build leadership skills, engage in civil discourse, and identify how you can positively impact your community.


Expand your teaching repertoire with fresh, new resources and obtain direct access to prominent American history scholars and thinkers. Experienced by 14,000+ educators worldwide over five decades, Freedoms Foundation’s accredited seminars and history workshops provide compelling discussions and immersive site visits. These dynamic in-person seminars underscore the relevance of our Constitution and American history for your students. 

 Energize your students’ discovery and preservation of their freedoms through your own renewed sense of civic purpose.

All applicants are eligible for full scholarships once accepted.

A More Perfect Union

CEO David Harmer reflects on America’s founding ideals and their contemporary relevance.

Latest Issue:

Lincoln’s 215th

By David Harmer The abolitionists considered him soft on slavery. Frederick Douglass considered him at best inconsistent, at worst hypocritical. Members of his own cabinet considered him their inferior. Editorial cartoonists considered him ridiculous. Yet the Southern states considered him such a threat that seven of them responded to his election by seceding before he […]

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