Valley Forge Chapter History

In 2012, Arthur Russell was asked to bring back the Freedoms Foundation Valley Forge Chapter. With the support of National and Board Members, personally recruited by Art, as a team they made the chapter viable and successful again. The VF Chapter ensures programs to honor Local Heroes, award scholarships to the Freedoms Foundation Programs and support the Medal of Honor Grove.

Sadly, we lost Art to cancer in June of 2016. Art would not want or need recognition for his efforts but for the Chapter members to be recognized. Thanks to the original Board’s dedicated efforts, in addition to the current Board Members, the Valley Forge Chapter exists today  and will continue well into the future.

Recognizing the original board members who were dedicated to bring back the VF Chapter:

Doug Forsythe, Mike Paster, Greg Warchol, Joe Barrese, Mary Archey, Kathy VanGorder, Chad Qureshi & Cory Etchberger

Arthur Russell’s vision for the Chapter in his President’s letter dated 11/15/2012:

We have a group of exceptional people here, from many disciplines that are capable of exceptional results. You are not afraid to step up when asked, as your membership testifies too. As a team or as individuals, we may fail, but we will support, encourage and hold each other up. How many times did Edison fail before succeeding? Do we count his failures or his successes? If we don’t fail a few times or even a lot of times, it only means we are not finished yet and need to keep trying. Don’ fear failure, fear complacency.

Our children, families, teachers and yes, especially our Nation needs leaders, like you, to show them and teach them social responsibility and moral values that will move this country in the right direction and help them to live fulfilled lives in the greatest country that ever existed on this planet.

You are here, or you are a registered member of this chapter because you are patriots and great Americans. I couldn’t be prouder of you all and I thank you all for your trust and support. Only with your help, will we move forward and make a difference.

I pray God will bless all of you and your families and continue to bless the United States of America.


Arthur Russell, President

Freedoms Foundation, Valley Forge Volunteer Chapter