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AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary Holds Americanism Conference at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

October 11, 2021 (Valley Forge, PA) –  Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge hosted AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary during their annual Americanism Conference.

AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary (AMVETS Auxiliary), an avid partner of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (FFVF), is a membership of “mothers, wives, widows, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters of AMVETS and female veterans who are currently serving or who have honorably served in the Armed Forces of the United States, including the National Guard and Reserve components, anytime after September 15, 1940.” Their annual conference provided an opportunity to meet fellow AMVETS Auxiliary members from across the country and participate in an immersive education experience focusing on the United States.

Two AMVET members and two actor historians at the conference
AMVETS National Ladies Auxiliary, their National President Joan Sirek, and AMVETS National Headquarters’ National Commander Greg Heun posed with Thomas Jefferson, portrayed by Steven Edenbo, and John Adams, portrayed by Peyton Dixon.

AMVETS Auxiliary and FFVF have been steadfast partners since 1954 and robust supporters of each other’s missions. Further bolstering their partnership is FFVF’s board member and AMVETS Auxiliary Past National President, Ms. Marvell Ruppel. AMVETS Auxiliary’s National President Joan Sirek has also graciously elected to focus her national president’s project to replace the windows in FFVF’s MacArthur Hall, which offers classrooms, a dining hall, dormitory rooms, and more.

“This conference has been a wonderful weekend full of history and pride for our great nation,” said AMVETS Auxiliary National President Joan Sirek. “We have thoroughly enjoyed the programs, tours, historical interpreters, and the Medal of Honor Grove. When I previously came to Freedoms Foundation for their Spirit of America program with my granddaughter, I was amazed by the experience and thankful for the long-term friendships that yielded from that experience. The Spirit of America program and our conference experience have underlined how essential Freedoms Foundation’s programs are and how imperative it is that we continue inspiring and educating our rising generation.”

“AMVETS, an organization of American veterans and their families, has long placed a great deal of importance on Americanism,” said AMVETS National Commander Greg Heun. “It is vital Americans, especially our young Americans, know and learn to respect our history, how we became the world’s greatest nation. Freedoms Foundation in Valley Forge is the best at passing that knowledge with incredibly engaging and enlightening experiences. We are proud to have partnered with Freedoms Foundation since 1987 and continue to do so.”

“Freedoms Foundation is heavily reliant upon our benefactors to help us continue promoting civic responsibility and engagement to our younger generation,” said Freedoms Foundation CEO David Harmer. “AMVETS Auxiliary has been paramount in helping Freedoms Foundation fulfill its mission. Every dollar they’ve raised and donated, big or small, holds significant meaning to us. Their reach goes beyond just a donation. It touches thousands of students and teachers that come to Freedoms Foundation, who then walk away with an informed sense of patriotic duty and responsibility. We love our AMVETS Auxiliary partners and share their desire to unite over the love for our country, and we are forever grateful for their generosity and commitment to Freedoms Foundation.”

During their visit at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (FFVF), AMVETS Auxiliary attended a conversation with Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, portrayed by Steve Edenbo and Peyton Dixon from American Historical Theatre, an overview of FFVF’s Spirit of America educational program, a tour of campus grounds, tour of Valley Forge National Historical Park, and tour of Gettysburg National Military Park.

Founded in 1949, FFVF is a national educational nonpartisan nonprofit that encourages the rising generation to become engaged, patriotic, informed citizens motivated by a sense of duty and responsibility to defend the freedoms that define our great nation. FFVF welcomes thousands of students and teachers a year to participate in immersive programs and graduate courses that encourage engaged, responsible citizenship. Many of FFVF’s programs occur on its 72-acre campus, which is also home to the Medal of Honor Grove.

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