On January 20, 2023, Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge was pleased to welcome thirty-seven students from Devon Preparatory School for their day of service held in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 

At the start of the day, students participated in a service workshop held by Freedoms Foundation’s Vice President of Education, Dr. Jeff Scott. In this session, the students reviewed the six character traits exemplified by the 3,000+ Medal of Honor recipients. They discussed how they could implement those traits in their school and communities. 

After wrapping up the MOH workshop, the students journeyed through the 42-acre living Medal of Honor Grove housed on Freedoms Foundation’s campus. Under Associate Director of Education Deepak Bhagat’s guidance, students worked in small groups to clear debris around state monuments, plaques, and the walking path.

The Medal of Honor Character Development Program is an integral component of Freedoms Foundation’s four-day high school Spirit of America Youth Leadership program that engages high school students from across the country in understanding the rights and responsibilities that come with the freedoms afforded to citizens of the United States. Program dates begin in February 2023 and are open to all high school students (grades 10-12) across the country. 

Spirit of America Scholarships Available

Devon Preparatory School students (grades 10-12) are eligible to receive a full scholarship, courtesy of the Connelly Foundation, to attend our four-day Spirit of America Youth Leadership program. For more information on this scholarship, visit 

www.freedomsfoundation.org/program/spirit-of-america/connelly-foundation-scholarships or email spiritofamerica@ffvf.org

A complete list of all the greater Philadelphia-area Catholic high schools eligible for full Spirit of America Youth Leadership scholarships is available here.

Freedoms Foundation also offers full scholarships to high school students in Pennsylvania and across the country. For more information on our scholarship opportunities, please email spiritofamerica@ffvf.org

Now Accepting 2023 Spirit of America Applications

Are you interested in attending a high school Spirit of America program and learning more about the Medal of Honor Character Development workshop? Apply today at www.freedomsfoundation.org/program/spirit-of-america/.

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