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National Sojourners® Students Attend Spirit of America Youth Leadership at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge

Over 40 National Sojourners® students traveled to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to attend the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge’s Spirit of America Youth Leadership program – a transformative four-day residential program that engages high school students from across the country with the first principles of freedom.

Both Freedoms Foundation and National Sojourners® have partnered for many years to provide students the unique opportunity to travel to historic Valley Forge and participate in several inspiring and educational activities, including a mock congressional debate, free enterprise challenge, workshops, and historical site visits while developing their leadership skills. The experience inspires students to secure the blessings of liberty daily in their own communities.

“Our children are our future, and the Spirit of America program provides them with a great opportunity to connect on a personal level with our country’s history and founding documents,” said National Sojourners® President MGySgt Denny Norris. “They obtain a better understanding on how their government works, and how to be an active, responsible citizen. Through various activities and conversations with scholars and historical figures – like Thomas Jefferson – we have seen the students engage and absorb information they can bring home and share with their families and communities. We appreciate the hard work of our chapters and members for sponsoring our students and giving them this incredible opportunity.”

“I am happy to return to Freedoms Foundation and participate in this outstanding civic education program for students,” said National Sojourners® Americanism Chair Lt. Col Michael Wertz. “In addition to obtaining a valuable education on our government, students are also connecting directly with history as they visit historic sites in Valley Forge and Philadelphia. I look forward to helping our chapters continue sponsoring and recruiting more young Americans for this valuable experience.”

“For over three decades, we have worked closely with National Sojourners® and welcomed nearly 2,500 of their students to our Spirit of America Youth Leadership program,” said Freedoms Foundation CEO David Harmer. “We share a multitude of values with the National Sojourners®’ including their love of country and desire to provide students with an extraordinary opportunity to learn more about our country’s history and its promising future. We are humbled and grateful for their dedication to America’s youth and our mission at Freedoms Foundation.”

Attending the Spirit of America Youth Leadership program were:

Seraphine Abannoh – Virginia

Benjamin Amster – New Jersey

Roseline Ayozie – California

Leland Boxer – Virginia

Tyler Brunelle – Virginia

Nathanael Callender – North Carolina

Devin Campbell – Pennsylvania

Evelyn Campbell – Colorado

Benjamin Caselle – Virginia

Gabriel Castro – West Virginia

Conor Caulfield – New Jersey

Anthony Cervantes – California

Makango Cisse – Virginia

Magdalene Cook – Pennsylvania

Jaceb Dickerson – Pennsylvania

Andrew Fleming – California

Kristine Francis – North Carolina

Aiden Gutierres – Virginia

Mahina Hagans – Virginia

Lillie Hansen – North Carolina

Alana Hanz – North Carolina

Deidra Harig – Pennsylvania

Aleksander Helpingstine – Georgia

Jeremy Hunsinger – North Carolina

Liam Kirkpatrick – Pennsylvania

Gabriella Knarr – Missouri

Alpha Kourouma – Pennsylvania

Breanne MacNaughton – Pennsylvania

Brian Maynard – Colorado

Franklin McCue – North Carolina

Juan Morado – California

Joy Ngafua – Pennsylvania

Omar Ranger – California

Charles Roberson – North Carolina

Aaliya  Rodgers – California

Ezra Ryall – Georgia

Andres Sanches – Virginia

Alyssa Schmidt – North Carolina

Caroline Simmons – Virginia

Hazel Singletary – North Carolina

Ronald Trombly – Virginia

Gauge Wetzel – Pennsylvania

Leilani White – Colorado

In addition to sponsoring and supporting their students, National Sojourners® is also celebrating the upcoming 100th anniversary of Heroes of ‘76 – an affiliate auxiliary organization of National Sojourners. Their membership includes National Sojourners® who have been bestowed with the Heroes ’76 degree for outstanding service.

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