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The Utah Chapter of Freedoms Foundation will be honoring their 2023 National Award Winners and Heroes this Tuesday, February 21st, at Noon. The luncheon occurs at the Little America Hotel Grand Ballroom located at 500 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101, Salt Lake City, UT.

Heroes/National Awards Luncheon

Annually, the Freedoms Foundation and its Volunteer Chapters recognize exemplary civic achievements through its National Awards Program. Guided by an independent panel of expert jurists, the National Awards Program honors the exceptional efforts of individuals, organizations, and schools that promote or personify the ideals of responsible citizenship.

Heroes Awards:

Dillon Bell ~ Rescued lost three year old in Utah desert (Milford, UT).
“Finally got the point where… something’s obviously telling me to go to the west, so I left my brother-in-law and father-in-law and decided to go to the west… and you know, just got unbelievably lucky,” he said.

Jackson Eyre ~ T-Shirt and a message to connect people impacted by suicide and to help raise awareness.
“You know, it’s OK to try to fit in, but it’s also OK to just be you. The world really is a better place with all of us in it. All of us, that’s what makes here, here.”

Joe Donnell, Fionna Pierce, Chance Peterson ~ Rescued a nine year old from a submerged truck in Morehouse Reservoir.
“I felt clothing. So, I knew I had him. So, I grabbed him, and pulled him up to my body. I swam backwards out of the truck, went to the surface, took him to shore where myself, my wife and two bystanders started doing CPR.”

River Barry ~ Rescued a base jumper from the cliff side.
“I realized there was no one else there who was going to do this but me,” Barry says.

The Utah Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge educates students and teachers about the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, inspiring them to preserve and advance our freedoms. It envisions an America where the rising generation loves their country and understands, values, and defends its founding ideals.

Founded in 1981, the Utah Chapter based in Salt Lake City covers the entire state of Utah in promoting civics education. The chapter is proud to offer scholarships to students and teachers to attend the educational programs at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. Additionally, they are proud to hold their Heroes Day Celebration each February to honor Utah’s outstanding citizens and recognize the exceptional students they send to Valley Forge.

Thousands of students nationwide have obtained a greater understanding and appreciation of American history and civic responsibility through the Freedoms Foundation’s Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program.

Learn about democracy, the judiciary, the political process, founding documents, and the free enterprise system through innovative workshops and historical site visits that allow you to encounter our nation’s past, present, and future. During your residential stay, you will also build leadership skills, engage in civil discourse, and identify how you can positively impact your community.

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