Chapter President

Theresa Bradley

Our Mission

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge educates students and teachers about the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship, inspiring them to preserve and advance our freedoms.

Our Vision

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge envisions an America where the rising generation loves their country and understands, values, and defends its founding ideals.

Who We Are

A Freedoms Foundation National Award to Dr. Walter C. Langsam led to the founding of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter in October 1974.  Seven women under the leadership of organizing chairwoman Mrs. Walt Langsman met on the campus of the University of Cincinnati to begin the organizing process.  

In February 1975, the chapter was granted a charter with 14 charter members.  Mrs. Virginia Ruehlman was elected as the first president of the chapter and the chapter’s first annual meeting was held in April 1975 with 38 members in attendance. 

Through the years, the chapter has consistently sent students to the leadership conferences at Valley Forge and supported the local community and membership with patriot luncheons, a speakers series, and programs for local youth.   

Today the Greater Cincinnati Chapter continues its scholarship program for students to attend the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program and support for teachers attending the summer programs on the Valley Forge campus.  Other ongoing activities include a one-day Annual Young Patriots Conference for local high school students, and Veterans Day Memorial Services to honor local veterans. 


Thousands of students from across the country have obtained a greater understanding and appreciation of American history and civic responsibility through Freedoms Foundation’s Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program.

Learn about democracy, the judiciary, the political process, founding documents, and the free enterprise system through innovative workshops and historical site visits that allow you to encounter our nation’s past, present and future. During your residential stay, you will also build leadership skills, engage in civil discourse, and identify how you can positively impact your community. 

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter sponsors students to attend the Spirit of America Youth Leadership Program.  If you or a student you know is interested in applying for the 2025 Spring program, please contact the chapter at


Expand your teaching repertoire with fresh, new resources and obtain direct access to prominent American history scholars and thinkers. Experienced by 14,000+ educators worldwide over five decades, Freedoms Foundation’s accredited seminars and history workshops provide compelling discussions and immersive site visits. These dynamic in-person seminars underscore the relevance of our Constitution and American history for your students. 

Energize your students’ discovery and preservation of their freedoms through your own renewed sense of civic purpose.

All applicants are eligible for full scholarships once accepted. 

The Greater Cincinnati Chapter will provide travel stipends to help support teachers who wish to attend a graduate seminar or workshop at Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  Please contact the chapter at if you are interested. 

Awards with mini American Flags on them

Chapter Awards

Annually, the Freedoms Foundation and its Volunteer Chapters recognize exemplary civic achievements through its National Awards Program.  Guided by an independent panel of expert jurists, the National Awards Program honors the exceptional efforts of individuals, organizations, and schools that promote or personify the ideals of responsible citizenship. 

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Get Involved

If you want to make a difference in the tri-state community, become a member of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  For nearly 50 years, our chapter, as part of Freedoms Foundation’s nationwide network of volunteer chapters, has brought the message of engaged citizenship and leadership to hundreds of thousands of Americans, students, teachers, and ordinary citizens.  We encourage you to join us to help promote the ideals of our national heritage.

Meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month.

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Supporting America’s first principles of freedom is essential to ensure future generations understand and cherish the blessings of liberty. With your donation, the Greater Cincinnati Chapter will reach even more young people from the tri-state area with the truth of America’s unique past, its promising future, and the liberty for which it stands. Help us prepare the next generation of leaders.