Posted Tuesday February 19, 2019 by ffvfadmin


Freedoms Foundation Board agrees in principle

to loan Medal of Honor to Historical Society


The Board of Directors of Freedoms Foundation has agreed in principle to loan the Medal of Honor awarded to Marine Maj. Henry A. Courtney Jr. to the St. Louis County Historical Society for its Veterans Memorial Hall in Courtney’s hometown of Duluth, Minnesota. The Foundation will reach out to the Historical Society to work through the details.

Maj.  Courtney was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Okinawa during World War II. Maj. Courtney’s parents accepted the Medal from President Harry Truman.

Maj. Courtney’s Medal of Honor was donated to Freedoms Foundation by his oldest sister, Elizabeth Courtney Bean, in 1980. She had developed a friendship with Freedoms Foundation’s archivist at the time, Sr. Maria Veronica, IHM, who dedicated the later part of her career to telling the stories of Medal of Honor recipients.

Being entrusted with a Medal of Honor is a tremendous responsibility, one that the Board of Directors and staff of Freedoms Foundation take very seriously. The Medals entrusted are used in the Foundation’s educational programs for the 1,500 students and 400 teachers who come to campus each year for courses on the Constitution, the value and principles underlying the nation’s founding, the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, and the core values exhibited by Medal recipients.

The Medals, some of which date from the Civil War, are also an important part of how the Foundation tells the story of its 42-acre Medal of Honor Grove, where each Medal recipient is honored by name and by state.